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Zoe C

Data Officer

Education: MSc Computational and Data Journalism, Cardiff University

My responsibilities at Buffalo:

As a Data Officer my role largely revolves around working with clients to format and process the data that they provide, prioritising accuracy and security whilst identifying the best possible donors efficiently. This information is then utilised by Campaign Officers to assist in ongoing campaigns.

Why I chose to work for Buffalo:

During my time at university I developed a passion for data analysis and problem-solving and so working at Buffalo has provided the perfect opportunity to continually develop and refine my technical skills. As someone who worked part-time alongside their studies throughout university, I really appreciate the value of the work we do here and the difference it can make.

Desert Island Essentials:

Book- Circe - Madeline Miller, or a book recommendation – I don’t really re-read books.

Record - She moves in her own way - The Kooks

Film - Jaws

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