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Buffalo has a comprehensive array of
regular giving solutions.

We pride ourselves on listening to our clients and offering flexible options. We can work with you on a single project or build a long-term partnership, encompassing all aspects of your regular giving activities.

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that suits your institution
Telephone Campaigns

Excellent communication.  

Our unique set-up means working with a single point of contact who oversees the delivery of your campaign from start to finish. This partly explains why our retention rate is always above 90%.

Transparent costs. 

Every campaign we deliver is tailor-made to meet your experience level and available resources. Pick and choose which tasks you would like us to take on, thanks to our modular cost approach.


Since 2004, Buffalo has run hundreds of telephone campaigns both onsite and offsite. We are always happy to discuss which option will work best for you.

Telephone Campaigns

Giving Days

Giving Days

World Class Giving Day Platform.

We will work with you to build your own Giving Day platform according to your branding and design requirements.


Project Management Support.

We can partner with you to develop your Giving Day strategy, devise your comms plan, and send all emails on your behalf.

Results and Impact.

Giving Days gain hundreds of new donors in 24-36 hours, bring your whole community together and celebrate belonging to your institution. Speak to us to find out our most recent results.

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ClipConnect - Personalised Videos

Complete suite of tools.

The easy-to-use online platform makes sending personalised videos accessible to all clients, whatever your team size.  Every video you record is completely unique – your community will love it.

Anyone can record a video.

Request videos to be recorded from absolutely anyone and use the handy comments feature to provide guidance on what to say.

Increase engagement and interaction.

Increase recipient engagement with the reply option and video 'like' feature, and encourage specific follow-up actions using call-to-action buttons.

Create on-brand content.

Brand is much more than just a logo. Words, colours and images all play a role. Create content that reflects your institution's unique personality and will be familiar to your recipients.

Donor Debit

Donor Debit - Direct Debit Processing

Trusted service.

We process c.500,000 direct debits each year, equating to £8M in donations for 150 charities.


Customisable online platform.

Designed to give you complete control, the online platform can be tailored in a variety of ways, including custom reports and branding.


Responsive giving pages. ​​

BACS approved online giving pages allow your supporters to donate with ease.

Data Capture

Data Capture

Document with Pen

Optimised surveys.

We have managed over 200 surveys, giving us a great understanding of how to design and share your survey to maximise your response rate.

Understand your community.

Together we will devise questions to help you gain a better understanding of your community...

Who are your legators?

Where do they work?

How warm are they to you? 

Data and analysis.

All data will be provided to you in an easy-to-import format in addition to a report which analyses responses and highlights any identified trends.

Software Lease

Telethon Software

Market leading software.

Every feature in our telethon software, MOLE, has been developed specifically for telephone campaigns. It has been widely used throughout the UK education sector for over fifteen years.


MOLE can be hired for just the weeks you require, making it an extremely cost-effective solution for managing your telephone campaign, as you will only pay for the days that you lease MOLE.

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Data Enrichment

Data Validation and Enrichment

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Validate your data.

We provide a range of useful services, e.g. identifying invalid UK phone numbers and those that have moved away to a new house, to improve the overall accuracy of your database.

Enrich your data.

Using third-party sources we can find new addresses for prospects who have moved and gain up-to-date landline numbers.

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