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Tim B

Senior Business Development Officer

Education: BSc Biological & Medicinal Chemistry with Study Abroad, University of Exeter

My responsibilities at Buffalo:

My role is to raise money for the non-profit sector of mostly educational establishments by running telephone fundraising campaigns. During a campaign, I have direct contact with the client; I hire and train employees as well as develop a script to maximise success. I am on hand to support and lead campaigns which can last a few weeks, before concluding the campaign with a report which discusses the campaigns' achievements. I also work with schools to help them make decisions regarding their regular giving plans, such as advising them to take up data enrichment services, what to do ahead of changes to fundraising regulations, as well as the benefits of a telephone fundraising campaign.

Why I chose to work for Buffalo:

As a previous student caller myself at Exeter, I appreciated the importance of fundraising and enjoy donating and giving myself. Having worked with Buffalo's Campaign Officers in that role, I became interested in joining the company to work with an innovative group of enthusiastic and creative individuals in a city that I love. There is a great community feel to Buffalo due to the helpful nature of its employees, and I have always enjoyed working in teams and target-based work. The range of skills and experience from this role are many.

Desert Island Essentials:

Book - I Am Pilgrim - Terry Hayes

Record - Red Hot Chili Peppers - Greatest Hits

Film - Saving Private Ryan

Luxury Item - Toastie maker (assuming the bread, cheese and chorizo can come too)

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