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Sam H

Telethons & Operations Manager

Education: LLB Law, Keele University

My responsibilities at Buffalo:

As Telethons Manager, I am in daily contact with the Campaign Officers during a campaign calling period. I ensure they are confident with tackling any issues that may arise and discuss strategies to help ensure all targets are met where possible for each of the 70+ educational fundraising campaigns we run every year. Alongside this, I am responsible for looking after the wellbeing of our Campaign Officers who make that success possible. The rest of my time is spent working with the Business Development Team, liaising with current and future clients on how Buffalo can assist with their Regular Giving Programmes, with a particular focus on Buffalo’s payment processing solution, Donor Debit. I also continue to project manage telephone campaigns for clients across the UK and Ireland.

Why I chose to work for Buffalo:

After being a caller myself, I saw first-hand what an incredible difference fundraising can make within the education sector and developed a real passion for it! Working at Buffalo has allowed me to turn that passion into a career, working alongside our diverse client base to ensure every campaign is a success. There is also a lot of personal development within the office and it's great to know that I can make a difference in improving the services that we provide.

Desert Island Essentials:

Book - Angels and Demons - Dan Brown

Record - Every Kingdom – Ben Howard

Film - Captain Phillips

Luxury Item - Buffalo office fish

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