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Mitchell Wilson

Campaign Officer

Education: MA Virtual and Extended Realities, University of the West of England

My responsibilities at Buffalo:

At Buffalo, I work with educational institutions, managing telephone fundraising campaigns that raise money for life-changing causes. This entails a great deal of planning and organisation to ensure a successful campaign, as well as detailed data analysis afterwards so that each campaign can learn from the last.

Why I chose to work for Buffalo:

I chose to work at Buffalo as I was searching for a role that could offer me valuable project management responsibilities. The role offers a great deal of independence meaning you quickly gain skills in effective communication, time management, leadership, critical thinking, and problem solving. It is also extremely fulfilling to know that the money raised goes towards causes that are hugely beneficial to students and staff, such as hardship funds, equipment bursaries, scholarships, and the funding of welfare officers to name a few examples.

Desert Island Essentials:

Book - A book of poems by Spike Milligan to ensure that I completely lose touch with reality

Record – Collage, Lady Blackbird

Film – 10 Things I Hate About You

Luxury Item – Cheesy beans on toast