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Megan Glover

Campaign Officer

Education: BA (Hons) History, University of Cambridge

My responsibilities at Buffalo:

As a Campaign Officer for Buffalo, I am responsible for overseeing telethon fundraising campaigns for schools and universities from start to finish. This encompasses the preparation work of setting up for a telethon by working with the client on data management and caller recruitment, working during the campaign to train and motivate a team of callers to do their best to reach fundraising targets, and wrapping up campaigns with follow-up communications to donors and writing reports. Everyday is different and you work with lots of new people, so it is always exciting!

Why I chose to work for Buffalo:

The variety of work as a Campaign Officer, as well as the satisfaction of overseeing fundraising campaigns that have a real impact to their completion was a huge motivating factor for me when choosing Buffalo. I am passionate about education, and improving accessibility to education, so working on campaigns with schools and universities where the money raised directly benefits students is particularly rewarding for me. Lastly, Buffalo's nurturing work environment was really appealing to me. Everybody is so friendly and helpful, and you really feel a part of the herd!

Desert Island Essentials:

Book - All Quiet on the Western Front by Erich Remarque

Record - Dreamland by Glass Animals

Film - Probably Howl's Moving Castle, but any Studio Ghibli movie really!

Luxury Item - Definitely an air bed to sleep on and try to use as a raft