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Gemma Briggs

Campaign Officer

Education: BA (Hons) Business Management, University of Greenwich

My responsibilities at Buffalo:

As a Campaign Officer, I work closely with clients to manage their telephone fundraising campaigns. Throughout the project I can do anything from organising data, recruiting callers, running the telethon itself and then reporting on results, all with the aim of raising as much money for the cause as possible. Running multiple campaigns at once can be a busy job, but this keeps me focused and inspired.

Why I chose to work for Buffalo:

The role of Campaign Officer offers me a varied job where one moment is different from the next. This variety and the responsibility that comes with managing it really appealed to me when looking for graduate jobs. Working for Buffalo means working in a positive environment where I am supported and mentored in my career. It is great to have such a friendly team who are all working hard to help charities achieve their goals.

Desert Island Essentials:

Book - A blank notebook

Record - Channel Orange - Frank Ocean

Film - Father of the Bride

Luxury Item - My dog, Peanut