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Bobbie C

Campaigns Manager

Education: BA Politics, University of the West of England

My responsibilities at Buffalo:

As Campaigns Manager, I work alongside our team to successful delivery a number of Buffalo’s services, including Telephone Campaigns and Giving Days. I’m responsible for the success of the services but also the well-being of our Campaign Officers. Throughout the year I oversee the success of our 70+ educational fundraising campaigns (which is forever growing!) and support the Campaign Officers who make it possible. At each stage of all the projects, I work with all the members of our team, ensuring that they are able to manage their workloads and ensuring that all our clients are receiving an excellent standard of consultancy.

Why I chose to work for Buffalo:

Buffalo provided me with my first real job, working real hours, but taking a job at Buffalo was more than that for me. Working for Buffalo enables me to be in a position whereby I find that I am able to see the benefits of the work I am doing every day. Choosing to work for Buffalo means I am choosing to be able to develop my skills within a small welcoming company. On first arrival, I was faced with a friendly and welcoming environment and was presented with an opportunity that I could not turn down.

Desert Island Essentials:

Book - The Great Gatsby - F. Scott Fitzgerald

Record - Don't Stop Believin' - Journey

Film - Armageddon

Luxury Item - Camera

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