Campaign Officer

Education: Art History, University of St Andrews

My responsibilities at Buffalo:

My role as Campaign Officer involves working with a client on a campaign from beginning to end, helping them fund raise as much as possible through a telephone campaign. This includes everything from organising data, recruiting and training callers, running the campaign itself and then reporting back on the results.

Why I chose to work for Buffalo: 

What attracted me to Buffalo was the opportunity to work directly with clients and help them maximise their fundraising potential so that they can continue to grow and thrive. I have always been interested in charities and the fantastic work they do, so working at Buffalo is a brilliant way to support these charitable institutions. Buffalo is a great way to learn a diverse range of skills, in a supportive environment and in the company of some wonderful people!

Desert Island Essentials:

Book –  Tracks - Robyn Davidson

Record – 22, a million - Bon Iver

Film – The Lord of the Rings (all three, extended editions)

Luxury item – A comfy pair of slippers!

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