A Regular Giving Programme (RGP) usually has two main aims: to raise a sustainable income stream and increase overall participation rates. Alongside these core aims, there are also requirements to enrich the database, increase engagement and steward donors.  A number of activities are likely to be undertaken each year to achieve these aims, including telephone campaigns, which are usually the focal point of any RGP.  However, the most successful regular giving programmes have a strong strategic plan, an accurate database and a multi-channel fundraising approach.  

A Regular Giving Consultancy Review can be applied at any stage of an RGP:

  1. You're setting up from scratch

  2. You've carried out some activity but haven't got a full programme to date

  3. You have a more established operation that's no longer achieving some/all of its objectives

Prior to a consultancy day we will ask you to complete a questionnaire about your RGP, this will allow us to 

review the current set-up, assess recent results and identify growth opportunities for your RGP. We will then spend a day with you to review and develop your RGP, the focus is on developing a road-map leading to improved financial and participation results. We will then provide a  summary report highlighting the key points covered and follow-up actions. 

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