Over the last 15 years, Buffalo has developed a comprehensive array of services; from regular giving strategy and data enhancement, through to telephone campaigns, Giving Days and donor stewardship programmes. We pride ourselves on listening to our clients and offering flexible options. We can work with you on a single project or build a long-term partnership, encompassing all aspects of your regular giving activities.

The experience of our clients ranges hugely. Some have been running regular giving programmes, which have incorporated telethons for a number of years; others are setting up an operation from scratch and are new to telephone fundraising. Whether a client requires a small amount of data cleaning, or needs a full regular giving consultancy package, the same bespoke and professional approach is utilised, and this is why clients remain loyal, and return to Buffalo year after year.




A Giving Day is a fun and exciting multichannel fundraising campaign which aims to engage with your institution’s whole community; alumni, staff, students,  parents and friends.

A Giving Day Will…

  • Widen participation – Engaging with key influencers who act as ambassadors and endorse your campaign means your message will reach new and previously lost audiences.

  • Engage with young and overseas donors – Giving Days appeal to these groups by making it fun, quick and easy to get involved, wherever they are.

  • Ask your whole community – this multi-channel approach means everyone is aware of the event and has the opportunity to join in.


Our range of bespoke regular giving services can complement other activities you are doing with us, or can be offered as stand-alone products, adding additional activities to your regular giving portfolio, helping you to maximise your targets.

  • Legacy Giving

  • Donor Stewardship

  • Parent Deposit Campaigns

  • Alumni Re-engagement

  • Direct Mail


We recommend that before commencing regular consultancy services, you commission an audit day with us, as it is vital to understand the context of your Regular Giving Programme (RGP) in relation to any overarching development strategy and the institution as a whole. 

Although the principles may be the same for an RGP, the staffing, budgets, history, resources and aims often prove to be very different for each client.


Buffalo can also continue to work with you on a regular basis to provide on-going strategic support, overseeing the successful execution of the range of activities to ensure that you meet or exceed the targets and goals associated with your programme.


We provide a range of data cleaning and enrichment services aimed at enhancing your database and ensuring that you are maximising contact with your constituency.


According to the Office of National Statistics, an average of 8% of the UK’s adult population moves home every year. Using the latest census statistics, this equates to just over four million people every year.

As outlined in the Code of Fundraising Practice ‘Organisations must maintain good data hygiene practices (e.g. removing incorrect/incomplete information from your data) to ensure donor information is accurate, reflects donors’ communication preferences and is retained only for as long as necessary.’


Our online direct debit processing platform, Donor Debit, will submit payments to BACS, process cancellations, and credit donations into your account.


The platform also offers you complete control, giving you the ability to download reports, update payment details, track donations and much more.


  • No subscription fees: we charge fixed fee’s per transaction rather than a percentage.

  • A user friendly platform is launched in less than 48 hours.

  • Customised settlement files are provided.


These tailored digital surveys gain up-to-date contact and personal details from target groups whilst obtaining their opinions through quantitative and qualitative data.

Our data capture campaigns enable you to strengthen your database with accurate information about your constituents, as well as discovering more about the strength of their connection and engagement preferences.


On completion of the campaign, we provide a summary peer comparison report, analysing responses to key questions and highlighting identified trends. 


Our interactive training day will give you a deep understanding of how all Regular Giving projects and tasks are interconnected. Armed with this knowledge, you will be able to make better strategic decisions that help grow your Regular Giving Programme (RGP).


During this session you will be making a series of tactical decisions about the shape and structure of your fictional RGP. Real data is used for each exercise, as you compete with your colleagues to raise the most, whilst staying within budget and on time!


A successful telephone campaign comes as the result of completing over a hundred individual tasks. Therefore it can be challenging to identify which tasks are helping and which are hindering your success. As Buffalo conduct over 80 telephone campaigns a year, across multiple sectors and in an ever-changing regulatory environment, we are well-placed to work alongside you to swiftly analyse your phone programme and make recommendations for areas to focus on.

During the Health Check, we will work with those who manage your phone programme to understand how it is managed and implemented. We will then be well placed to produce a report summarising areas which are performing well, where there is room for improvement and questions you'd like to explore further. 

Our goal is to work with you to ensure your phone programme is performing optimally in a post-GDPR world, so that it achieves the objectives you have set.


Telephone Campaigns

Buffalo has been designing and implementing outstanding telephone campaigns since 2004.  This is largely due to our Campaign Officers who manage each campaign from start to finish. Only by fully understanding your needs are we able to provide the correct service in order to deliver great results. Whether you want to contact alumni or parents, we will design an approach that is right for them, and right for you. 

Calling Software - MOLE
MOLE, Buffalo's bespoke calling software was launched into the Educational Sector in 2006, to assist in the management of fundraising and affinity-based telephone campaigns.  Callers use MOLE as a tool to enhance the conversations they have, rather than MOLE driving the callers through the phone conversation.

MOLE will be hired to you for just the weeks of calling, making it an extremely cost-effective solution for managing your campaigns, as you will only pay for the days that you lease MOLE.