The education sector is undergoing rapid change in terms of how supporters engage with and support their alma mater.  Although the traditional regular giving fundraising vehicles of direct mail and telephone still have a vital role to play, Buffalo recognises that an expansion into digital fundraising will greatly enhance all Regular Giving Programmes.

Your Giving Day and Working With Buffalo…

  • Your project will be led by one of Buffalo’s experienced Giving Day project managers from start to end. Including onsite advice and support on the Giving Day itself.

  • Provision of a bespoke Giving Day platform – This includes a countdown timer to encourage donors to give, realtime reporting on donor numbers and amount given, an embedded social media board encouraging others to join the conversation and a streamlined two-click donor journey to reduce abandonment rates. 

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For more information or to request a demo of our Giving Day platform, please contact the Business Development team on 01179 33 55 80 or at