Giving Day’s have rapidly expanded across the educational fundraising sector in the last few years with many educational institutions now adding them into their regular fundraising calendar with success year on year.


Buffalo introduced ScaleFunder to the UK in 2019 and it is the most widely used platform for Giving Days and Crowdfunding globally.


Why run a Giving Day?

Giving Days use a multi-channel fundraising approach. This ensures everyone in your community is made aware of the event and has the opportunity to support it. By providing multiple ways for people to support the day you will ensure everyone can give via their preferred method, widening participation. 


Giving Days help you achieve your goal of widening your donor pool as well as offering an exciting opportunity to re-engage with your lapsed and current donors provide a refreshing and unique opportunity to support your mission.


Giving Days are a chance for your staff and students to celebrate your institution. By taking part in fun activities, they can generate exciting content to share with others to promote the day. 


Giving Days provides a great opportunity to close on major donors, on the understanding that their support  will encourage others to donate


The education sector is undergoing rapid change in terms of how supporters engage with and support their alma mater.  Although the traditional regular giving fundraising vehicles of direct mail and telephone still have a vital role to play, Buffalo recognises that an expansion into digital fundraising will greatly enhance all Regular Giving Programmes.

Why Buffalo?

Buffalo provides the platform and the strategy.


ScaleFunder is the leading technology behind our Giving Day campaigns. We will use your branding guidelines to build your own dedicated Giving Day platform.


Gift Processing: ScaleFunder is compatible with many of the leading PCI-Compliant payment solutions. As part of our support, we will work with you to ensure that 100% of your donations are made safely and securely.


Your dedicated Giving Day Officer will support you and your team to run a successful Giving Day: our team is experienced in a range of fundraising channels and appreciate how a Giving Day should integrate into your wider fundraising programme. We will support all areas of the Giving Day, and by providing a clear project timeline helping you focus on achieving your goals.

"We've been working with Buffalo on our Giving Days for three years now and they never disappoint!  From the moment we start planning to the day itself the whole Buffalo team have worked with us to ensure deadlines are met, great content is produced and the whole day runs as smoothly as possible. Teddy Hall has raised over £350,000 from our three Giving Days and we look forward to continuing to work with Buffalo in the future."

Sarah Bridge -  Development Manager, St Edmund Hall, Oxford

For more information or to request a demo of our Giving Day platform, please contact the Business Development team on 01179 33 55 80 or at

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