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Campaigns Co-ordinator and MOLE Account Manager

Education: MSc Social Cultural Theory, University of Bristol

My responsibilities at Buffalo:

I co-ordinate and support a team of Campaign Officers, working with the Campaigns Manager to oversee the success of the 70+ fundraising campaigns we run each year. I work with all the members of our team to keep multiple projects on track, manage workloads, and ensure our clients receive an excellent consultancy service. The other part of my role involves account managing and training clients who utilise our bespoke calling management software – MOLE - to run in-house fundraising campaigns.

Why I chose to work for Buffalo: 

Pragmatically, I was looking for a small growing business with opportunity for career progress. At the same time, I wanted something a bit different, where I wasn’t stuck in an office all the time, and felt like my efforts benefited more than just my own bank account. Buffalo provided the perfect match for these aspirations. Having worked as a telethon caller for Bristol University throughout my time as a student, I’d seen first-hand how vital fundraising is to our research institutions. When I went to my interview and was greeted by the friendly atmosphere in the Buffalo office, I knew it was the place for me.

Desert Island Essentials:

Book - Straw Dogs, John N Gray

Record - Live at the Lighthouse - Will Varley

Film - Captain Fantastic

Luxury Item - A hammock