Buffalo works with a number of charities and NGO's to assist with their individual giving plans. We act as an extension of a charity's development office as many find they don't have the resources or expertise to identify their key supporters and engage with them effectively. Therefore, Buffalo's experience in both cleaning and segmenting a prospect database to find those with a strong relationship and affiliation with the charity is vital. These steps ensure the prospects support is recognised, leading to an improved relationship and likely regular donations.


Our online survey aims to assess the warmth of your potential audience. We’ve found that charities wanted to initially assess the level of interest and warmth from their ticket buyers and audience prior to embarking on a telephone campaign.

The survey's primary objective will be to determine whether your audience would consider supporting your charity. However, the survey can be tailored so that a variety of opinions can be captured.


Buffalo works with a variety of charities on varying campaigns including fundraising for capital projects, annual upgrade campaigns and affinity campaigns. Buffalo has assisted these charities with engaging with their constituents in a meaningful way that focuses on building a relationship with those that hold a pre-existing interest in the charity  and appreciate the work it does.

These calls often last around 15 minutes speaking with a small, select, warm group. Each call focuses on having a high-quality conversation aimed at building the relationship whilst gaining a host of new donors.

  • Relationship building from two-way conversations.

  • Pre-call letters to inform your supports they will be receive a call and a chance for them to opt out.

  • Can operate calling from Buffalo office, using trained fundraisers.


Our online direct debit processing platform, Donor Debit, will submit payments to BACS, process cancellations, and credit donations into your account. The platform also offers you complete control, giving you the ability to download reports, update payment details, track donations and much more.


  • No subscription fees: we charge fixed fee’s per transaction rather than a percentage.

  • A user friendly platform is launched in less than 48 hours.

  • Customised settlement files are provided.


We provide a range of data validation and enrichment services aimed at enhancing your database and ensuring that you are maximising contact with your constituency.

  1. You are about to contact a number of prospects from your database

  2. If there’s due to be a system changeover

  3. If it’s been a number of years since the data was last cleansed (details can quickly become out of date)