The Online Survey tool has been developed following the desire for charities to gain an insight into the thoughts and opinions of their constituents. It is used as a marketing tool to identify the views of the supporters and the warmth of their relationship to the institution.

An Online Survey is most useful when attempting to find the key supporters within a data-set. ​​Online surveys are key to understanding the relationship between your charity and your audience and therefore an essential component in finding out who would be happy to support you.

The process includes both planning and design to ensure that the right questions are asked to the right prospects regarding their relationship with the charity.

  • Sent via email

  •  Typically receives a 15-25% response rate

  •  Identifies a warm supporter group

  •  A cost-effective method to assess the possible success of a   telephone campaign

  • First step in the process of increasing the number of regular donors

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